Inspirational Quotes of the Day

In this post I try to collect and share some quotes on a regular basis. Though I started this post on March 16, 2014 I come to this almost every day and share new inspirational, motivational quotes. There is no order or ranking involved in placing these quotes.

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Jim Rohn said if anyone works hard in job he or  she will make good living but working on self will fetch fortune for that individual. He read more

Capturing lead via Facebook

How to Capture Lead via Facebook

There is no doubt that social media will dominate in the upcoming era of internet marketing. It offers to engage more deeper with your potential customer base. The more you are engaged the better it is for you to understand the need of your subscribers, followers, fan base, etc. and it will be helpful for the growth of your internet marketing business.

In this post I will show how to capture lead via Facebook. Also as en example I have used this one presentation to post in Slideshare and did read more

Write post in other's blog and forum

How to Promote Affiliate Products without Having Own Website – 7 Ways for the Best Result

Yes you heard it write. This is not mandatory that you have to have your own website to promote affiliate products and start earning money. It is always important that you select the best affiliate products.

If you do not know where to start, how to start promoting affiliate marketing and want to try a method which will not require any investment click here for the best answer.

Promoting something means bringing it closer to the interested audience. Finding and targeting the right audience is what it matters. This is not read more


Key Consideration for Your Content Strategy

Content is everything in any website. Be it the graphics, images, articles, coloring, background, audios, videos anything appears in the site. Someone may be even more creative and show the world which no one has ever seen. But that will also be classed as content of the website.

Content is all the website is known for. Traffic i.e. any human being will visit the website once or on a repetitive basis is due to the contents. Students may seek study material in the university or related websites, anyone can read more

Formula for Success and Failure

I am  a huge fan of Jim Rohn, the greatest American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. I decided to share few of his lectures in my blog as I firmly feels self motivation is the key for any success.

While all of us are striving to find a comfortable and cosy room upstairs I think ‘Formula for Success and Failure‘ by Jim Rohn will be a right idea to share with everyone.

Small ignorable habits or behaviour on a day to day basis can hold any one behind. Whereas little work on those and make into a practice read more

Internet Marketing Tips: First You Need to Decide on Your Niche

For a new comer to experienced marketers ‘niche’ is one of the most crucial issues. It takes time for everyone. Duration of the time may not be the same- for an experienced marketer it may be less compared to the new comers. Some experienced internet marketer referred it as ‘baby’ of the on line business. The whole idea of online business of any particular project will evolve around the idea of the selected niche so it needs to be nurtured and developed. Thus selecting proper niche is read more